May 23, 2024

Codeine Rehab

Ten Signs Your Loved One Is Suffering From Codeine Addiction

 codeine addiction

Don’t let your loved one suffer from their codeine addiction any longer!

Codeine addiction affects millions of Americans and is an important addiction for people to be aware of. Although Codeine addiction is not as widely heard of as heroin or OxyContin addiction is, it is the same class of drugs and is just as serious. Codeine is the most widely used opiate in the world and is utilized and combined with various medications to help people with their pain.

10 Signs someone you care about is Addicted to Codeine

For starters, it is important to know that many opiates, such as OxyContin, reveal the same addiction symptoms as Codeine being that they are all depressants.

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Below is a list of ten signs that people who are addicted to Codeine typically expose to the outside world:

Sleep more: Codeine causes a person to sleep more due to its sedative effects.

Drowsiness: When a person takes Codeine, even if they sleep more, they will be drowsy during the day when they are awake.

Loss of money: A person using Codeine will need to pay money to keep up with their addiction and the more a person uses the drug, the dosage of the drug that they need to feel high will continue to increase, which means they will constantly need to spend more money to support their habit.

Bluish tint to fingernails: A person abusing Codeine typically will develop a bluish tint to their fingernails and lips.

Itchy skin: One of Codeine’s side effects is it can cause a person’s skin to feel itchy, which makes users of Codeine itch their body frequently.

Loss of energy: A person addicted to Codeine may become more homebound and not want to participate in any physical activities due to their sedative state.

Borrowing money: A person who has become addicted to Codeine may act irrational when they do not have the drug and begin to ask people for money all of the time because they cannot afford to keep their habit going; it is also common for  person to begin to steal money and items to support their habit.

Muscle Twitching: A person addicted to Codeine may have uncontrollable muscle twitches that are an effect for the drugs depression of the nervous system.

Lack of interest in hobbies: A person’s main focus when they are addicted to a drug is maintaining their habit. Once they get a fix of the drug most people just want to sit back and enjoy it. Due to the effects of Codeine people tend to lose their interest in hobbies that they once cared about.

Dizziness: A person addicted to Codeine may complain of dizzy spells frequently especially when doing a physical activity.

If you have a loved one that is addicted to Codeine it is important for them to get help because Codeine is an easy drug to overdose on and can cause severe organ damage if it is used for long periods of time.