July 23, 2024

Codeine Rehab

Signs of Codeine Addiction

Signs of Codeine Addiction

Knowing the signs of codeine addiction is the first step to helping a loved one with an addiction.

Codeine addiction can happen to anyone, not just to the poor, as you may think.  Your child’s teacher or your local butcher may have a problem and you don’t k now it.  This is why it is so important to know the signs of codeine addiction.  These signs are sometimes so subtle that they can be missed by the untrained eye.  Knowing what addiction looks like in all its forms is the first step towards helping a loved one in need.  Sometimes all it takes is paying attention to the little things to notice that slight change in the behavior that alerts you to a problem.

Frequenting Multiple Doctors

There are many behaviors that can be a red flag for signs of addiction, but probably one of the most obvious would be doctor shopping.  This is when a person seeks out medical care at more than one doctor, in an attempt to double or even triple their prescriptions.  This type of behavior can be very dangerous, as it directly leads to misuse and abuse.  Another similar behavior that you may notice as well is if a person frequents ERs, faking pain or an illness in order to receive more prescription medication.  If you notice any of these behaviors in someone, they most likely have a problem with prescription addiction.

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Illicit Purchase of Codeine

Another big red flag that you should look out for is if the person is buying additional medication from friends or off the streets to supplement their supply.  This means the person has grown a tolerance, and their prescribed amount is no longer lasting as long as it should be.  Not only is it dangerous to take more than directed, it can also put you in dangerous situations when buying from dealers.  They could end up dead or in jail, neither of which is where you want your loved one to end up.

Behavioral Addiction Symptoms

Lastly, there are many physical and behavioral symptoms of codeine addiction that can be helpful in determining that a loved one may have a problem.  These behavioral symptoms can include a loss of interest in things they used to love, no sexual drive, reduction in productivity at work, indifference towards loved ones, and lack of emotion, drug use becoming their top priority, and withdrawing from society.  All of these changes in behavior can alert you to a deeper problem, giving you the chance to save a friend in need.

Dangerous Behavior Patterns

Addiction can cause a person to act in ways that they would not normally, if they did not have an addiction to feed.  Dangerous, in every meaning of the word, these behaviors can lead to jail and death.  They can include things like lying to and stealing from their loved ones, as well as committing crimes and participating in dangerous situations.  Some people may start robbing stores and pharmacies to continue to get their fix, and others may choose robbing people and dealers when it comes down to not having any other way to get what their body needs.