July 23, 2024

Codeine Rehab

Codeine Addiction

Codeine Addiction

When signs of a codeine addiction appear, it is time to get help before your symptoms cause problems in your life and health.

When taken carefully and as prescribed, codeine can be very effective and adverse effects can be minimal.  Because of the fact that codeine is an opiate, it is considered to be a dangerous medication that can be easily misused and subsequently abused.  In fact, codeine’s tolerance building attributes, along with its habit-forming tendencies, can lead to patient becoming addicted easily.  Tolerance happens when a patient begins to require a higher dose of the medication in order to maintain the same effectiveness of the drug.  Tolerance is what generally leads to a patient misusing the drug, and ultimately becoming dependent.

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Codeine Addiction Symptoms

Developing an addiction to codeine is easier than you may think.  So much so, that it can actually happen to anyone; you don’t have to have addictive tendencies for it to happen to you.  In fact, most codeine addicts are middle class Americans.  These people may go to work every day, and look like they function normally from the outside.  But behind closed doors they are beginning to spiral out of control.  Codeine addictions symptoms typically range from subtle to much more obvious, and knowing them could provide you with the clues you need to put two and two together, and save a friend in need.  For more information on codeine addiction symptoms, click here.

Signs of Codeine Addiction

Codeine addiction can happen to anyone, not just to a certain lower subset of the population, as you may think.  It can happen to you, your neighbor, or your friend.  It is important that you know the signs of codeine addiction, because sometimes the signs are so subtle that they can be missed by the untrained eye.  Knowing what addiction looks like is the first step towards helping a loved one.  Sometimes all it takes is paying attention to the little things that someone does to notice a slight change in the behavior.  For more information on the signs of codeine addiction, click here.

Codeine Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

There are many symptoms that can be associated with abruptly stopping the use of opiates.  These are called codeine addiction withdrawal symptoms, and only occur if you have already formed a physical or psychological addiction to codeine.   These symptoms can vary in strength and intensity depending on how long the drug was used and how much was used at a time.  Because of the varying intensity, detoxing should not be done at home.  The only safe way to detox is in a medical facility.  For more information on codeine addiction withdrawal symptoms, click here.

Overcoming Addiction to Codeine

In today’s world, codeine addiction is affecting millions of lives.  Its effects are not limited to the addict, or their family, but to our entire country as a whole.  Additionally, addiction does not discriminate; it will infect anyone that it can, leaving a wave of destruction in its path.  But you don’t have to be a victim; you can fight back and regain your life.  It may be a tough road, but it is possible.  For more information on overcoming addiction to codeine, click here.