July 23, 2024

Codeine Rehab

About Codeine

About Codeine Treatment

Finding out about codeine treatment will help you make an educated decision.

In order to understand codeine addiction and recovery, you must first understand the drug and what it does for its user.  The more you know about it, the easier spotting it will be.  In fact, knowing its effects, side effects, withdrawal and overdose symptoms could end up saving a loved one’s life.  The average American does not know what type of effect codeine has on the body, making codeine addiction difficult to diagnose in a friend.  Over the next few pages, what codeine is, its long term and short term side effects, and street names will be discussed in further detail, to provide you with an understanding of how this drug affects its users.

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What is Codeine?

Codeine is a narcotic medication used in the treatment of mild to moderate pain, as well as a cough suppressant.  Due to its opiate-based nature, codeine can be habit-forming, with this risk increasing greatly when not taken as directed.  Commonly called Tylenol 3, this medication is metabolized in the body in much of the same way as our bodies metabolize morphine.  However, when compared to morphine, codeine is a much safer, but less effective on pain relief.  For more information on what codeine is, click here.

Codeine Side Effects

As to be expected with any medication, especially a prescription one, codeine has the chance of causing a myriad of side effects in its users.  As with any opiate, the side effects of codeine can be anywhere from mild to severe, or even possibly life threatening.  Many times, the side effects of codeine are experienced due to a drug interaction, which is why your doctor should be informed of any medications you are currently on.  Additionally, taking more of the medication than is prescribed is another reason why a patient may feel side effects.  For more information on codeine side effects, click here.

Long Term Side Effects of Codeine

Codeine’s long list of possible side effects can be divided into two main categories, long term and short term.  Long term side effects are ones that generally only surface after long term, chronic use and abuse of the drug.  Many of these long term side effects of codeine are irreversible, meaning that it has done permanent damage to your body that can never be repaired.  For more information on the long term side effects of codeine, click here.

Short Term Side Effects of Codeine

Codeine’s side effects are numerous, as with any opiate, but they can be easily divided into two types, short term and long term effects.  Short term side effects are the side effects felt while still taking the medication.  These can be experienced for several reasons.  For more information on the short term side effects of codeine, click here.

Codeine Street Names

Codeine is a narcotic medication that has been around for many years, and has been abused for almost as long.  That being said, you can believe that there are many street names that are used for this drug.  Drug users use street names as a code to try to avoid unnecessary attention and suspicion of drug use by outsiders.  These names can sometimes resemble or abbreviate its actual name, or even provide a description of its physical attributes.  For more information on codeine street names, click here.