May 23, 2024

Codeine Rehab

Is Codeine Addictive?

The answer to the question, is Codeine addictive, is…yes! Codeine has the same effects of Oxycontin and heroin, and although it may not be as strong, Codeine is still contrived from the juices of the poppy plant.

Why People become addicted to Codeine

Is Codeine Addictive

Codeine is addictive and can cause the user many severe problems later on.

According to the Global Information Network about Drugs, Codeine is the most widely used opiate in the world. This is most likely because Codeine is utilized in a plethora of different types of medications and is much easier for people to access than other opiates.

Many people who become addicted to Codeine began using the drug to help them with an ailment such as a cough, or to help them ease their pain caused from an injury. The effects of Codeine put a person in a sedative state and help a person to feel relaxed without the annoyance of pain. The majority of people enjoy this euphoric feeling.

Another effect of Codeine that people enjoy is the lack of concern that they feel when they are on the drug. Codeine impacts the chemicals in the brain therefore leaving users with a loss of emotional reactions towards life. People who are upset or stressed out enjoy this feeling because they do not feel as distraught about events that they are upset about once they are on the drug.

The effects of Codeine are very similar to the effects of heroin just not as strong. But, once a person is addicted to Codeine the withdrawal symptoms will be just as bad as heroin or OxyContin.

Codeine Withdrawal

Once a person becomes addicted to Codeine and decides to come off of the drug, they will most likely have withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms for Codeine are insomnia, cold sweats, goose bumps, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramping, muscle ashes, headaches, anxiety, and mood swings.

Withdrawal effects of Codeine are both psychological and physical being that the drug affects both a person’s physical body and their way of thinking. The physical withdrawals of Codeine will be the hardest in the first week but will gradually lighten up. On the other hand, the psychological effects of Codeine can last far longer and can be difficult for a person to overcome.

Since Codeine is a very addictive drug and is widely abused it is important for a person wanting to come off of the drug to reach out for help. There are drug abuse hotlines that people can call and speak to about getting help for their Codeine addiction and there are numerous drug rehabilitation centers available to help people overcome all types of drug addictions. Drug rehabilitation programs have the resources to help a person quit their addiction effectively. In addition, drug rehabilitation centers have a team of professionals that assist an individual every step of the way of their detox process. However, it is an important factor for a person quitting Codeine to want to quit because it is going to take a strong will to stay clean after they leave a rehabilitation program.