July 23, 2024

Codeine Rehab

Ten Signs You Need Codeine Addiction Treatment

codeine addiction

Know when it’s time to find help!

Codeine addiction treatment is the best solution for those who are addicted to codeine and have tried to quit but did not make it through the withdrawal process before relapsing. This treatment is also helpful for those who have not tried to quit yet but who know that they should quit. In fact, codeine rehab is an important part of recovery for anyone who is addicted to codeine and realizes the need for help.

There are some signs that you may need codeine addiction treatment. Some of the most common signs that treatment may be needed include:

  1. Loss of Interest in Activities
  2. Relationship Problems
  3. Lying to Friends or Family
  4. Financial problems
  5. Withdrawal symptoms
  6. Increased use of codeine
  7. Inability to stop taking Codeine despite efforts to try
  8. Mood swings or depression
  9. Tried to quit and relapsed
  10. Broken promises to others to quit

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In addition to these ten signs that you do in fact need treatment for codeine addiction, you may also notice similar signs related to your drug use or your ability to refrain from drug use that signify a need for help.

Why Get Help?

You may think that you can overcome codeine addiction on your own but there’s a good chance that you’ll need help. Codeine addiction treatment provides you with the supportive care and help that you need to get sober. Many people mistakenly believe that they can overcome codeine addiction without specialized treatment. While it is possible to overcome codeine addiction without treatment, when cravings take over, when recovery become challenging and when you feel like there’s nowhere else to turn, treatment can help.

Types of Codeine Addiction Treatment

Once you realize the signs that codeine addiction treatment is necessary, it’s time to determine what types of codeine addiction treatment are most suitable. There are many different types of treatment available including:

Residential treatment in which the user will remain in a treatment facility for a duration of 90 days or more while receiving around-the-clock treatment and therapeutic care.

Outpatient treatment in which the user will attend regular meetings or counseling sessions at scheduled times but will not live in a treatment facility and will not receive around-the-clock treatment.

Support groups in which the user can regularly attend meetings or groups such as NA and receive supportive care. These groups do not provide actual treatment but they do provide supportive care that is necessary for those who are aiming to recover from codeine addiction.