April 15, 2024

Codeine Rehab

Qualities of the Best Codeine Addiction Treatment Centers

Codeine is an opiate analgesic medication that is prescribed under the brand names Tylenol #3 with Codeine, Codeine Suspension, and Capital. When taken for prescribed purposes for a short period of time, there are few risks associated with this medication. However, repeat use can increase the risk of physical dependence. Codeine addiction treatment is widely available to assist those who become dependent on this drug in finding their path to recovery, but there are many different options to choose from which can make the decision challenging at best. If you or someone you love is addicted to codeine, consider these primary qualities of the best treatment centers for this disease:


The best programs for codeine addiction treatment are widely and readily available to provide treatment to those in need. Unfortunately, these same facilities often have limited space and provide their treatment services on a first-come, first-serve basis which means finding an opening in treatment at the exact time when you’re ready to get help can be difficult. According to NIDA, treatment must be readily available to patients when they are ready, not when it’s convenient to the treatment provider. Like other diseases, treatment that is readily available increases the chance for a positive outcome for the patient versus treatment that is not available at the right time.


The best codeine addiction treatment centers hold patients accountable for their actions. Most of the time, accountability is determined through random drug testing which will alert the treatment staff to any relapses which may have occurred during the treatment process. While addiction is a disease characterized by chronic relapse, it’s important for the treatment staff to hold patients accountable for their actions as this can help them to correct negative or unwanted behaviors.

Continuum of Care

codeine rehab

The best rehab centers offer different types of counseling.

The continuum of care that is afforded by the best codeine addiction treatment centers varies based on the patient and also based on the phase of treatment. The strategy that is used to help patients heal is continuously updated in an effort to evolve with them in a way that helps them to remain encouraged, uplifted and excited about their recovery. Efforts are taken both to reduce the risk of relapse but also to pick up where one left off should relapse occur.


The best codeine addiction treatment centers recognize that addiction is a lifelong disease plagued by the constant risk of relapse. Cravings can arise at any time, not just when the user is in treatment. For this reason, the best programs will include extensive efforts to involve the patient in quality aftercare services which help to extend the benefits of treatment long after residential care is no longer needed. Aftercare may include:

  • Sober living placement
  • Job placement
  • Housing assistance
  • Support
  • Continued counseling and therapy
  • Vocational rehabilitation