July 23, 2024

Codeine Rehab

5 Benefits of Codeine Addiction Treatment


Addiction treatment can help you stop using codeine!

Codeine addiction treatment is not always the first choice of help for those who find themselves addicted to prescription medication. Many mistakenly think that they can quit using the drug on their own or that they don’t need help. Others believe that treatment is too expensive or that they cannot afford help. Unfortunately, many people simply overlook the need for treatment or refrain from getting help due to illegitimate ideals about what treatment really is.

The fact is, there are a number of benefits to getting codeine addiction treatment. Not only will you find supportive care in a safe and clean environment, you will have an improved likelihood of staying sober if you get treatment in a qualified program. Unlike quitting on your own, where you have no guarantee of support, codeine addiction treatment includes support from counselors and therapists as well as support from others in treatment. These are just a few of the benefits of codeine addiction treatment.

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Improved Chance of Success

Your chance of recovering from codeine addiction is rather slim if you try to recover without help. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get sober without treatment, but the risk of relapse following a decision to quit is much higher if you don’t get treatment. There are many ways that treatment improves your chances of recovery including support, safety, medical intervention and consistency in care.

Supportive Care

Your friends and family members likely want to support you in recovery but they may not know what you are going through or how you really feel. This can make it difficult to cope and to interact with them. Supportive care is provided in codeine addiction treatment offering those in recovery varied levels of support from counselors and therapists as well as from other members of their treatment and recovery group.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is often required in the early stages of codeine addiction treatment. Without treatment, you may be vulnerable to underlying medical problems that may go unnoticed. If you suffer from any underlying health conditions in addition to the addiction, medical treatment is also effective and helpful to keep you stable and to provide continued safety in treatment.


The support and guidance that you receive in codeine addiction treatment is unbiased. Nobody will point fingers at you, nobody will call you names and nobody will pass judgment on you in recovery. The unbiased friends and supportive care that you receive in treatment can help you to feel more comfortable and to relax so that you can place your entire focus on recovery.

Long Term

Many codeine addiction treatment programs are long term meaning that they provide extended care that is beneficial to those in recovery. Long term care may range from a few months to a year or more. Generally, codeine addiction treatment will continue for at least 90 days and possibly six months or more while the user adjusts to the therapy, adjusts to sobriety and learns how to live sober.