June 18, 2024

Codeine Rehab

Types of Treatment for Codeine Addiction

 Codeine Addiction

There are many different types of treatment for codeine addiction. Finding the right one for you, is the key.

A rehabilitation center will be able to tailor a treatment that can be very specific to the patient.  A hospital will be able to treat the physical symptoms of all stages of the detoxification process, as well as suggest the best courses of action to take next.    There are both good and bad points of all programs available and it is up to you to decide which would be better for you.  There are programs that are designed to help you not only overcome the physical addiction to codeine, but also help you cope with the mental need for codeine and the triggers making you use it.

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Treatment through hospitalization

If you decide to start the process by visiting a hospital, they will use a process which is called medical detoxification.  This process is useful because it will help completely rid your body of the codeine and the medical staff is there to be able to help manage any of the withdrawals if they become too severe.  However, this process does very little by itself to help you not fall back into the habit of using codeine.  The staff of the hospital will usually recommend you seek further treatment at a rehab facility or speak to counselors to help manage the mental addiction.

Treatment through rehabilitation centers

There are rehabilitation centers that can help you cope with the addiction through both inpatient and outpatient programs.  The inpatient programs are usually a living facility designed to give you access to psychiatric treatments, physicians, and they provide a very good support network.  These facilities are very well known for their extremely high success rate which is due to tailoring the programs to the specific needs of the person.

The outpatient programs will usually encompass various support network meetings, such as Narcotics anonymous.  They can also provide a way for you to continue providing for yourself by allowing you to work.  These programs will usually mandate patients will continue to be treated until the counselors decide it is no longer necessary, make regular scheduled visits to meetings, will include help from psychiatrists, and take drug counseling classes.  This type of program can be very difficult for some people because it allows too much freedom which may lead to a relapse.  This program is usually designed to help those that are having an easier time understanding their own levels of addiction.