March 28, 2023

Codeine Rehab

Codeine and Pregnancy

Codeine and Pregnancy

Codeine and pregnancy don’t mix well together.

Addiction can strike anyone at any time and women that are pregnant are no exception.  Most women find out they are pregnant after they have already formed an addiction to codeine.  Obviously, this can be a very dangerous situation for both the mother and the unborn child.  The addiction can complicate the pregnancy and the child can be born already opiate dependent.  They will try whatever they think is necessary for the safety of the child and in other cases that would mean quitting cold turkey.  This in fact, can be quite dangerous for both the mother and child.

Quitting cold turkey can put the mother and the baby under an extreme amount of stress and dramatically increases the chances of a miscarriage.  It is suggested by physicians that pregnant women should undergo a methadone treatment to replace the use of different forms of opiates.  It is believed, this type of replacement therapy can give the mother a better chance for a safe pregnancy.  They will also have access to better medical care for the short term and long term effects of codeine addiction, and throughout the withdrawal stages while undergoing this type of therapy.

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Codeine addiction in women

Women dependent on codeine can have a wide range of symptoms which can be expected when taking an opiate.  They may come across side effects which can sometimes be life threatening and this can be exacerbated by using other drugs at the same time.  The additional stress and depression can be a major factor in forming an addiction in women.  Women suffering from addiction can receive treatment for mental and physical aspects of addiction.  This can help sort out the reasons why the addiction became so strong and they were not able to stop using codeine.

Women who are pregnant are told to not quit using any kind of opiate without treatment.  Without the help of medical staff, a woman may not being able to carry to term.  Women also think much differently than men, and have different needs physically and mentally.  There are centers able to give treatments that are designed specifically for women, which can more easily point out triggers, and help them deal with stress better.

Codeine addiction in men

There are treatments available no matter what city you live in.  There are side effects of continued use and addiction that are specific to men as well.  There is evidence of short term and long term effects in men, showing a lower sex drive along with erectile dysfunction with over use of codeine.  The lower libido and onset of ED will not only affect men physically, but can also cause depression and severe anger, and could essentially drive them further into the addiction.  More often than not, men will seek treatment when these symptoms present themselves.  The psychological and physical dependence on codeine can affect men just as it does women.  The only difference between men and women may be the underlying cause of their addiction.