June 18, 2024

Codeine Rehab

5 Benefits of Getting Treatment for Codeine Withdrawal

It is important that you understand the intensity of the codeine withdrawal syndrome before you begin to undergo it. The pain and discomfort caused by the symptoms can be severe, sometimes enough to cause the person to return to drug abuse. The NLM warns, “Do not stop taking codeine without talking to your doctor” which illustrates how even those who do not abuse the drug will need professional treatment if they become dependent. Below are 5 benefits to getting help for codeine withdrawal.

1. Minimization of Painful Symptoms

codeine withdrawal symptoms

Codeine withdrawal treatment can relieve painful symptoms such as abdominal pain.

According to the NIDA, withdrawal symptoms “can be mild or severe (depending on the drug) and can usually be managed medically or avoided by using a slow drug taper.” The symptoms that are caused by codeine withdrawal often involve muscle, bone, and abdominal aches because the drug itself causes a reduced tolerance for physical pain. Because these symptoms (and others such as nausea, vomiting, and insomnia) can be lessened with treatment, it is a practical choice to seek professional help rather than to go through it alone. 

2. Higher Rate of Relapse Prevention

Withdrawal can be one of the hardest times for addicts, and many of them relapse back to codeine abuse simply because the withdrawal symptoms are so painful. If you attend treatment for withdrawal instead, you will be less likely to relapse because your symptoms will be less intense. 

3. A Beneficial Start to Addiction Treatment

According to the NIDA, medically-assisted withdrawal (or detox) is “often considered the first stage of treatment for addiction.” If you have been struggling with codeine addiction for a long time, attending withdrawal treatment will not cure your addiction but it can be the first step in your road to recovery. Many detox programs help patients transition into addiction treatment, which will make a helpful impact on your life and recovery. 

4. Understanding and Patience

It can be hard for someone who does not treat withdrawal for a living to understand how difficult the syndrome can be. While your friends and family members may offer to help you through this difficult time, they may not realize exactly how hard it is for you. In addition, your symptoms will likely cause you to become irritable which may cause you to fight with your loved ones. 

In a treatment center, the clinicians will understand your needs more thoroughly and be able to help you through your condition. You will also be surrounded by other individuals who are dealing with the same problems which will cause you to feel less alone going forward with treatment. 

5. Avoiding Medical Complications

While codeine withdrawal is not normally considered to be life-threatening, other complications can surface. According to the NLM, complications of opiate withdrawal include “vomiting and breathing in stomach contents into the lungs. This is called aspiration, and can cause lung infection.” Going through withdrawal alone or without the help of a licensed professional can cause this kind of issue, and you may not realize something is wrong until much later. However, with professional withdrawal treatment, a complication like this would be more easily prevented or noticed and dealt with quickly.