March 28, 2023

Codeine Rehab

Lifestyle Changes that Help in Codeine Recovery

Recovery from a dependency upon any drug usually means several changes to one’s life. These changes can be:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • behavioral
  • environmental

In most cases, these areas were originally altered by the addiction first, so the goal is more accurately to change them back to what they were prior to the addiction. Of course, an optimistic approach may even seek to make these changes for an even better life than before the codeine addiction. Either way, once rehabilitation has taken place and the new chapter begun, the only things standing between you and relapse are the choices you make.

Codeine abuse can cause harm to the body by altering the functionality of the body’s systems as a result of the substances being ingested, but also as a result of these alterations, often our nutritional health suffers and irregular eating and poor diet cause problems of their own.

According to The National Institute of Health, the following tips have proven to aid in the success of health and lasting recovery from addiction:

codeine recovery

A nutritious diet can aid in codeine recovery.

  • Eating foods that are nutritious
  • Getting enough sleep/rest
  • Participating in physical activity regularly
  • Abstaining from other drugs or stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine
  • Starting a regiment of vitamins and supplements

It is also very important to surround oneself with those who support the recovery and to purge your life of any “friends” or acquaintances who would disagree with this move or try to lure you back to using. Seek the support of family and friends that truly care about you and do not put you in positions that may compromise your newfound freedom from addiction.

Being able to recognize what triggers your cravings for codeine and utilizing the skills you learned in treatment to resist and redirect your attention elsewhere are huge tools that help shore up the success of recovery from this heinous drug that has already taken away so much from you and caused havoc in your life. Those who have participated in behavioral therapy will be able to tap into the implements they were taught on avoiding and coping with situations that would test their resistance to using codeine again.

Engaging support groups and family help is always an asset. In some cases, therapy may be employed to help families and how they function together, in an effort to stave off any feelings of temptation due to disagreements or any triggers by arguing and fighting within family units.

In times of weakness, remembering the motivation to change your using behavior and seek treatment will be paramount to successfully continuing on this journey to a drug-free life. Self-restraint and positive reinforcement when good choices are made, are also choices that will support this resolve for a return of control in your own life.