March 28, 2023

Codeine Rehab

Long Term Effects of Codeine

Long Term  Effects of Codeine

The long term effects of codeine can damage your body permanently.

Codeine has a long list of possible side effects, which can be divided into two main categories; long term effects and short term effects of codeine use.  Long term side effects are ones that typically only surface after prolonged, chronic use and abuse of the substance.  Many of these long term side effects of codeine are irreversible, meaning that it has done permanent damage to your body that can never be undone.  These chronic effects of codeine can be seriously debilitating to your health and longevity.  However, some can be reversed just by getting clean and staying clean.

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Cognitive and Psychological Effects of Prolonged Codeine Use

The long term effects of codeine use on the mind can include a myriad of mental health problems, ranging from mild to severely debilitating.  These effects can even include cognitive and mental conditions like difficulty concentrating, depression, disorientation, and insomnia.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek out help from a mental health specialist, so that you can get back to being you.  A mental health specialist can help you to find your balance again, providing you with the help you need to start loving life again.

Physical Effects of Prolonged Codeine Use

The most dangerous long term side effect of codeine use is respiratory depression.  This is the most potentially fatal of all of the long term effects.  This is because it can cause difficulty breathing, a slowed heart rate, and low blood pressure.  Chronic use of codeine can cause the brain to slow or even stop endorphin production, causing many of the long term side effects of codeine use.  These effects can take months to reverse, making for a very unpleasant recovery time.

The physical long term effects of use can be quite serious to your health.  These long term effects of codeine use on the body can include things like sexual dysfunction, chronic constipation, seizures, tremors and shakes, convulsions, a constant state of agitation or confusion, hallucinations, inability to drive, stomach bleeding, nausea, blurred vision, skin nodules and itching, as well as kidney and liver damage.

Reversing the Long Term Effects of Codeine Use

Many of these long term effects of codeine use make everyday life a struggle, but you can get help.  But the first step is getting clean.  Once you are no longer using codeine, some of these effects will dissipate, and become less noticeable over time.  This can take anywhere from days to months, or even years, depending on the length of use or abuse.

It is possible that some of these conditions may require medical treatments to reverse the damage.  Others may not be reversible, but can offer medication to reduce the discomfort felt from day to day.  However, most physicians will not treat someone who is still using the substance that caused the damage, so it is very important that you take the first step to recovery.