March 28, 2023

Codeine Rehab

Methods of Treatment in Codeine Detox

Codeine is an opioid narcotic that is obtained from opium. As a medicine, doctors prescribe it to help in alleviating pain. Some people develop a dependence on codeine and use it more than they should. Using it in an abusive manner can cause harmful physical and psychological effects on a person, which can be dangerous to their health, and even fatal. If you or someone you care about feels that an addiction has developed, the best thing to do is get help by joining a codeine detox program.

What Are Common Treatments Used in a Codeine Detox Program?

codeine addiction help

Detoxing from codeine is safest when you enlist the help of medical professionals.

Codeine detox is a treatment used to help addicted users become drug-free by assisting them to cleanse their bodies of harmful substances like codeine. The process can be done quickly with no intervention, as in the cold-turkey method or with intervention, using a gradual process that includes the use of medication. The withdrawal symptoms can be painful and even pose danger to your life or the person you care for. No matter which of these methods are implemented, it needs to be done under supervision by a trained medical professional within a safe environment. This helps avoid the dangerous side effects of withdrawal, and helps the person stay as comfortable as possible. Support after detox is also provided to assure there is no relapse.

How Can I Be Sure a Codeine Detox Program is Necessary?

There are several signs that people can display that can give you warning. Also, if someone has not been prescribed codeine, but they are using it for the sake of getting high, they are already abusing its use. Using a medication that has not been prescribed to you is also illegal. Even people that have a legit reason to use it have abused it in a harmful way. It can be habit forming, and once a tolerance is built, you feel you need more, then more, until it leads to a habit that’s hard to break. If this is the case with you or someone you love, do not wait any longer to get the help needed. Get in contact with a drug addiction facility to begin treatment in a codeine detox program.

Here are some signs to look for that can help you decide to contact a codeine detox program. These signs range from behavioral changes to physical ones:

  • Developing mood swings
  • Increase in time sleeping
  • Seeking more doctors for codeine prescriptions
  • Stealing someone else’s prescription
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Emotionally detached from loved ones

These among other symptoms associated with addiction can indicate you need help for yourself or someone you care about. Detoxification is important to help remove all traces of codeine from the body. Contacting a specialist from a codeine detox facility is the first step in the treatment of addiction. While the beginning is the hardest, you will feel better as you progress through the treatment steps. It is a journey that once completed successfully will leave you feeling healthy, and you or the loved one will have a brighter future ahead.