March 28, 2023

Codeine Rehab

Ten Reasons to Choose Inpatient Codeine Addiction Treatment

codeine addiction

Inpatient programs provide a great environment to help you become codeine-free.

Inpatient codeine addiction treatment provides an unsurpassed level of treatment and care that helps those who are addicted to codeine or other opiates to overcome the burden of addiction and live a life of recovery. There are many reasons to choose inpatient treatment over outpatient care, especially if you are heavily addicted to codeine and have tried to quit in other ways in the past. The best treatment you can get is provided in a residential setting where consistency, around-the-clock care and support are provided every step of the way.


Not only do you receive support from others in treatment, you can get support from counselors and therapists while you are in a residential treatment program. Choosing inpatient codeine addiction treatment is the ideal method of treatment for anyone who need consistent support.

Around-the-Clock Care

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Medical care, therapeutic care, supportive care, all around-the-clock—that’s what you get in an inpatient codeine addiction treatment. The around-the-clock care that is provided by these facilities ensures your comfort and safety during challenging times.


Your safety is the number one concern in treatment and you are almost guaranteed safe in an inpatient program.

Medical Monitoring

You may suffer from a medical condition that requires monitoring, maybe you need pain management, or you may even be suffering from withdrawal during the early stages of codeine addiction treatment. Medical monitoring further ensures your comfort and safety during recovery.

Medical Intervention

Medical intervention takes place when you need medical care on an emergency or unexpected basis. Maybe you are suffering from withdrawal and need medications, perhaps you are depressed or anxious as a result of your discontinued use of codeine. Medical intervention helps with these situations.

Consistent Care

Treatment in an inpatient facility is consistent and doesn’t go away. If you need help, it’s there. If you want help, it’s there.


Various levels and types of counseling are provided in inpatient codeine addiction treatment programs. You may get counseled on your addiction, your past abuse, your past trauma, your education, your emotions or a number of other situations. Counseling is highly effective and conducive to recovery that lasts.

Group Therapy

Some people simply do well with group therapy. This type of therapy provides you with access to the supportive tools necessary to keep you stable and comfortable with others. Group therapy can also help you to reintegrate into society with a better understanding of others and how they think.

Reduced Risk of Relapse

Studies show that your decision to attend inpatient codeine addiction treatment significantly reduces your risk of relapse. Any reduction in the risk that you have of relapsing is highly beneficial to your overall recovery chance.


Ultimately, you should choose inpatient codeine addiction treatment if you want to make a full recovery. This is your best chance at sobriety and long term recovery from this disease.