March 28, 2023

Codeine Rehab

10 Signs Codeine Addiction Treatment is Working

codeine addiction

You’ll know when codeine treatment is working – you’ll feel more confident in yourself and your abilities, especially your ability to resist codeine.

Treatment for Codeine addiction is a timely process that may leave you feeling as if it’s not working as quickly as you would have liked. Every case of addiction is different and therefore should be treated accordingly. As such, it’s hard to tell just how long it will take for treatment to fully take hold and leave you feeling more comfortable and in control—but it will! Fortunately, there are some signs that you can pay attention to throughout your recovery process that will remind you that treatment is working and you are starting to recover from Codeine addiction.

1. No More Withdrawal Symptoms

The earliest sign that treatment is working will likely be when you finally start to feel comfortable and you are no longer feeling the symptoms of Codeine withdrawal. Within a few days in treatment, usually before week two, you will no longer feel symptoms of withdrawal and you can begin to place more focus on your recovery efforts.

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2. You Have Come to Terms with Your Addiction

As time goes on and you continue to go to counseling and therapy in treatment, you will begin to transition from a state of denial to a state of acceptance. As you accept that your addiction is real and you are facing it head on you will continue to thrive and to know that addiction treatment is working.

3. You Don’t Crave Codeine Anymore

Although cravings may take some time to dissipate, you’ll know that Codeine addiction treatment is working when you realize that your cravings are no longer nagging at you. In time, the cravings will completely go away and you’ll feel much better.

4. You Have Made Amends with Your Friends & Family

Part of your treatment will likely include coming to terms with the pain that has been caused between the people that you love as a result of your addiction. You’ll know treatment is working when you make amends with your friends and family.

5. You Have Regained Confidence in Your Sobriety

You’ll continue to gain confidence as you live sober and with each day of sobriety you’ll realize that your confidence continues to build. You will know that treatment is working as you continue to build confidence.

6. You Have Had a Reality Check

All the things you realize when you’re in treatment will come to check and you may feel bad, upset, uncomfortable or otherwise awkward but this is all part of coming to terms with your addiction and the stronghold that it had on you.

7. You Feel Ready for Sober Living Outside of Treatment

Are you feeling as if you can get back into the real world and continue to liver sober? Your Codeine addiction treatment is working if you are starting to feel actually ready to live sober outside of treatment.

8. You Have Worked Through Underlying Feelings

Often times, there are underlying problems that lead to the use of codeine and to the addiction that has landed you in treatment. If you’re begun to work through the underlying feelings and problems that led to your use of Codeine then you know that treatment is working.

9. You Actually Like Going to Therapy

You may not like therapy when you first get into treatment but as the treatment progresses and you become more comfortable you will probably enjoy therapy and what you get out of the treatment that is provided to you. You’ll know that Codeine addiction treatment is working when you can comfortably go to therapy and feel good about it.

10. You Spend Time Reflecting & Making Positive Change

Treatment will teach you to spend time for yourself reflecting and making changes in a positive manner. As treatment progresses and you feel better you will use what you learn to continue to thrive in treatment. Treatment is surely working if you’ve learned how to reflect and make positive change in what you do.